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THRESHOLD will be published by Bloomsbury on January 23rd 2020. It can be preordered here.

‘Ecce homo! Threshold is audacious (never more so than when most abject), daring and deranged, endlessly entertaining, furiously funny and – to hurtle to the other end of the alphabet – wonderful. Above all, it’s a highly original attempt to engage, formally, with Nietzsche’s dangerous question: "How much truth can one mind bear?" - Geoff Dyer

‘The type of brilliant, maverick achievement that sets a writer apart. Wonderfully readable and with a skein of black humour running through it that serves to highlight the seriousness of Doyle’s intent. A Pilgrim’s Progress for our times.’ - Mike McCormack, author of Solar Bones

‘Threshold is the kind of work you have to come down from—playful, potent, lurid, moving and fearless.’ - Lisa McInerney, author of The Glorious Heresies

‘The geographic and intellectual peregrinations of Threshold cover a great deal of terrain: tripping (both the drug and day variety), vast swathes of Europe, reading, loneliness, sex. Rob Doyle’s portrait of the artist as a youngish man, filtered through the sieve of his refined prose, is the modern-day odyssey of a traveler who doesn’t quite have a home to return to except for the expansive vistas of his own roving mind.’ - Teddy Wayne, author of Loner